Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New (Improved!) Site for Junior Bible Quiz Materials

Please visit to see the new and exciting list of products we now offer. Imagine your child using a PSP or DS hand-held gaming system to learn their verses? Well, it's a reality! Check out our audio and visual products and let us hear from you.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pricing and Ordering

See Pricing below...

The final Audio CDs and MP3 CD are now available for purchase.
*Audio CDNationWisconsin
Complete Audio Set$35.00$25.00
3 Hebrews$7.00$5.00
Entire MP3 CD$15.00$10.00
Standard S/H$5.00
*You may copy CDs only for your church's quiz program

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How Do I Get These Verse Burst CDs?

The question has arisen about how to get a trail version of the Verse Burst products. I have distributed some of the CDs to prospective coaches and quizzers. If you would like a trial CD, please email me at I will see if I can either send one to you if you include your address. Or, I may send some to a site online where you can visit and pick them up.

I am still in the feedback phase of this project, but am working toward creating final editions of the CDs. Keep checking back for information about the completed editions of the CDs.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Launch

Welcome to Verse Bursts, the blog. I launched this blog to test market to coaches or quizzers some newly developed tools for remembering scriptures.

Putting scripture to song certainly is not new. But, it is effective. Statistically, we remember more lastingly what we not only hear, but also what we see and speak. With that in mind, I am developing a few tools:

  • Scripture Songs - these are the 272 Junior Bible Quiz verses for the Heroes of the Bible 2006-2007 Quiz Year sung to tunes. They will be available on a CD-R set as .cda audio files. This means that they are playable on a traditional CD player or on a computer.

  • Scripture Songs MP3- these are the same verses as above, only in an MP3 format for those who wish to play them on either a CD which plays MP3s or for synchronizing with an MP3 player.

  • Scripture Interactive! - this CD set consists of PowerPoints which include dynamic, interactive displays of verses accompanied by audio. One need not have PowerPoint software as they are saved in a PowerPoint show format which includes the PowerPoint viewer. Questions and factoids accompany the interactive verses.

Currently, I am in the process of creating beta versions of these products which I hope to distribute. This blog will then serve the purpose of receiving feedback on this project.